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Technology Appraisal
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Rating Process

Rating Process

  • 01.Input

    • KTRS Technology Appraisal Indicators : technology appraisal indicators that measure technological capability, marketability and commercial viability of technology projects undertaken by innovative SMEs
    • External Environmental Variables : external factors such as interest rates, economic cycle and other macro-economic variables. Related information automatically arrives at the rating system
    • Internal Environmental Variables : company's risk to commercialization
  • 02.Rating

    • Rating is conducted to produce the final rating which is determined by combination of technology business score and risk score.
    • The technology business score is calculated by assigning ratings to each of indicators on a scale from A to E. The final score is determined by a weighted combination of these indicator ratings based on an AHP (Analytic Hierarchical Process) analysis.
    • The risk score is a quantification of the risk associated with the company based on the company’s own commercialization risks and external risks in the environment.
  • 03.Output

    • A final rating is produced by combining the two scores. The ratings range from AAA to D. The rating produced by the model is a measure of the riskiness and technology potential of a given technology project or a company. It is directly related to the probability of default of the corresponding business.