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Equity Investment
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Investment Process

  • KOTEC comprehensively evaluates investment opportunities, taking into account technology competence, marketability, business feasibility, credit ratings, and ROI, based on well-established technology appraisal procedures.
  1. 01

    Identification of Investment, Application & Prescreening

    Technology Appraisal centers

  2. 02

    Credit Evaluation and Technology Appraisal(Due Diligence)

    Technology Appraisal centers

  3. 03

    Valuation and negotiations on Terms and Conditions

    Investment Team

  4. 04

    Investment Valuation Committee

    Investment Team

  5. 05

    Investment Contract and Execution

    Investment Team

  6. 06

    Follow-up management and IPO Support

    Investment Team IPO Support Team

  7. 07

    Exit strategy(Sales/Redemption)

    IPO Support Team Sales Committee Investment)