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  • KOTEC was established as a credit guarantee institution in April 1989 in order to tackle the financing gap faced by technologically viable but credit-constrained SMEs. Their access to credit was boosted to a great extent by KOTEC's various credit guarantee facilities.


  • The objective of Asian Credit Supplementation Institution Confederation (ACSIC) is to promote the sound development of the credit supplementation system for small businesses in the countries including regions of Asia excluding areas to the west and north of Pakistan through exchange of information, discussions and interchange of personnel among small business credit supplementation institutions (hereafter referred to as "institutions") in Asia.


  • To achieve the preceding objective, ACSIC conducts the following activities:
    1. Holding meetings for information exchange and discussions for the benefit of institutions. The meeting shall be held at regular intervals at venues rotating among the countries to which institutions belong, unless otherwise decided 2. Other activities necessary to achieve the ACSIC's objective.

Past ACSIC Theme

Past ACSIC Theme
Year Country Theme
1988 Japan Current State and Problems of Credit Supplementation System
1989 Korea
  • The Future Prospects of the Credit Guarantee System
  • The Role of Credit Guarantee System in Economic Development
  • The Financial Policy Alteration and the Credit Guarantee System
1990 Malaysia The Development of Small and Medium Size Business and the Challenges for Credit Guarantee Service in the 90's
1991 Indonesia Intensified Collection of Recoveries Following Up the Settlement of Claims
1992 Thailand The Role of Credit Guarantee System in Asia
1993 Taiwan Credit Guarantee System in Asia
1994 Nepal The Role of Credit Guarantee System
1995 Philippines Towards Regional Cooperation in Credit Supplementation
1996 Japan Creation of Vital Small and Medium Enterprises and the Role of Credit Supplementation Systems
1997 Sri Lanka Credit Guarantee Schemes - Key to Small Industry Development
1998 Korea Changing Economic Environment and the Role of Credit Guarantee System for the Technology Development of SMEs
1999 Malaysia Challenges for the Guarantee System during Economic Uncertainties and Measures to Address Them
2000 Indonesia The Greater Role of Credit Guarantee towards the New Millennium
2001 Thailand The Credit Guarantee System As a Mechanism for SME Development and Economic Recovery
2002 Taiwan Challenges and Opportunities for Credit Guarantee Systems in Changing Global Economic Environments
  • Global and Regional Economic Outlook
  • The Roles and Prospects of Credit Guarantee Systems in Economic Development
2003 Philippines The Role of Credit Supplementation in the Integration of World Economy
2004 Japan New Evolution of the Credit Supplementation System for Further Development of SMEs
2005 Korea Globalization of Credit Guarantee System and Its Adoption to Changing Financial Environment
2006 Malaysia Credit Guarantee in a Market-Driven Environment : The Challenges of being Self Sustainable
2007 Indonesia 20 years of ACSIC: How the Association Contributes to the ACSIC Members in Fostering the SMEs
2008 Indonesia Thailand Capital Market:
  • An Enhancing Mechanism for Credit Guarantee
  • Insurance-How Financial Markets Could Help Credit Guarantee
  • Insurance Business in the Global Context
2009 Indonesia Taiwan The Measures Taken by Credit Guarantee/Insurance System to Exert the SMEAssistance Functions during the Global Financial Crisis
2010 Philippines After the Global Crisis: What’s Next: The Role of Credit Supplementation in Economic Recovery Efforts
2011 India Emerging Challenge in Ensuring Long Term Sustainability of Credit Guarantee Organizations
2012 Japan Aiming for New Advancement of Credit Supplementation Systems for Growing Asian Economies
  • The 25-Year History of ACSIC and Its Future Development.
2013 Korea Contributing to Economic Vitality in Asia through the Creative Operation of ACSIC
2014 Malaysia Fostering a culture of Innovation For Sustainable Development
2015 Indonesia Creating a Sustainable Credit Guarantee Organization
2016 Thailand Credit Supplementation : The Callenges of Greating Value for Enterpreneurs
2017 Taiwan Credit Supplementation system's Accomplishment and Its Outlook
2018 India Credit Guarantee : a Vehicle for Inclusive Growths
2019 Sri Lanka Credit Supplementation Towards Sustainable Development
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