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Foundation & Evolution

Born As a Credit Guarantee Provider

  • KOTEC was established as a credit guarantee institution in April 1989 in order to tackle the financing gap faced by technologically viable but credit-constrained SMEs. Their access to credit was boosted to a great extent by KOTEC's various credit guarantee facilities.


  • With its credit guarantee scheme well established, KOTEC took a new initiative to better serve its innovative client SMEs. Technology appraisal service was launched in 1997 by setting up the first-ever Technology Appraisal Center in Korea.
  • KOTEC has successfully developed its own technology rating system (KTRS) and  technology valuation methodologies to better assess commercial viability and associated risks of technology projects and to better determine the value of intangible assets owned by client SMEs.

Leading Technology Financier in Korea

  • On the basis of the technology appraisal service, KOTEC has rolled out a new set of innovation-support schemes including equity investment, technology transfer and startup incubation.
  • KOTEC became a leading technology finance institution in Korea and its KTRS has earned a world-wide recognition as one of the best practices in financing innovative SMEs.