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Introduction of CI

Introduction of CI

KOTEC's CI was designed to reflect its client-oriented business philosophy.

  • The light green box on the left symbolizes the dedication of KOTEC to support SMEs to be number one in the global market through fair and transparent technology appraisal practices.
  • The green box has actually multiple connotations. Firstly, it features the KOTEC's mission of turning its clients greener as well as KOTEC's positive willingness to serve its clients as a partner at the 'Green Field'. It also symbolizes the 'Green Light' that helps SMEs to grow without stopping.
  • 1 in K symbolizes 'First' with dual connotation for both KOTEC itself and its clients. This simple and sophisticated Word Mark stands for modern and advanced image of professional Technology Finance Institution.

Vertical Combination

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Horizontal Combination

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