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Accelerator Program

Accelerator Program - Kibo Venture CAMP

  • Kibo Venture CAMP is an accelerator program designed to nurture promising early-stage business ventures based on KOTEC‘s technology appraisal infrastructure. The new initiative seeks to help those promising startups grow into Korean-style hidden champions and create quality jobs.
  • Around 30 promising startups are selected for the two-day event and provided with various programs such as Demo day and other IR opportunities. KOTEC runs the camp in collaboration with private institutions, including private accelerators, crowd funding brokers and financial institutions, as show in the table below.
Accelerator Program - Kibo Venture CAMP
Key Supports
Private Accelerators
  • Provided advanced accelerating skills, such as incubation, mentoring, business skill development, market segmentation strategies, etc.
Crowd funding Brokers
  • provided crowd funding brokerage for participants
Woori Bank
  • Arranged a loan product exclusively for Kibo Venture CAMP participants, and provided guarantee fee supports, etc.