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Technology Appraisal
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Procedure of Technology Appraisal Service

  • 01.Application

    • Consultation Through visit to a nearby Technology Appraisal Center(TAC) or website of KOTEC, SMEs gives brief explanation on their technology projects and on the reason they need technology appraisal service. When deemed qualified, the SMEs get briefed on the next steps to take including how to prepare a set of required documents.
    • Application Applicant SMEs hand in the 'Technology Project Plan' and supporting documents.
  • 02.Preliminary Evaluation

    • Eligibility Check Evaluation team in TAC reviews the submitted documents and conduct an eligibility check.
    • Preliminary Evaluation The overall aspects of the applicant company such as technology, market and business prospects are reviewed in advance.
  • 03.Main Evaluation

    • On-site Visit Evaluators pay on-site visit to business premises of applicants, have interviews with key management personnel and verify the facts specified in the 'Technology Project Plan'. To be checked among other things are applicant company's production capability, manpower, R&D performance and commercialization efforts..
    • Application of evaluation model Appropriate appraisal method is adopted in accordance with the application purpose. An in-depth and full-scale assessment on the subject technologies or related projects is undertaken by evaluators.
    • Supplementary Investigation Main evaluation is supplemented by various sources of information obtained by literature searching or Internet searching.
  • 04.Participation of external advisors

    • If deemed necessary, external advisors of KOTEC take part in the appraisal case and carry out their responsibilities, adding expertise and reliability to the appraisal results.
  • 05.Notification of Appraisal Results

    • Upon completing the appraisal process, evaluators notify the result to applicant by providing a copy of its 'Technology Appraisal Report', which contains the details pertaining to the final rating or monetary value of subject technologies, key rating considerations along with a brief snapshot of the company.