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Technology Transfer
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h3 class="kb-title03 sgap">Tech-Bridge: Technology transfer platform of KOTEC
  • Tech-Bridge, the dedicated IT platform for technology transfer, was launched in September 2014 in order to facilitate the transformation of the results of R&D into marketable products and services. It has been instrumental for KOTEC's transferring IP rights from universities and research institutes to its client SMEs seeking to commercialize them.
  • Tech-Bridge consists of three components: Online Database, Network and KTMS(searching tool). The online database consists of two parts. Stored in Technology Database are over 320,000 pieces of data about IP rights and new inventions retained by universities and research institutions. In Demand Database, information about technologies wanted by client SMEs is stored, with over 1,500 cases of new damands added annually by the Technology Innovation Centers of KOTEC.