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Credit Guarantee
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Programs for Scale-up and Expansion-Stage Companies

Program Overview

  • This program was designed to help promising business ventures with a global competitiveness to become a 'Korean Hidden Champion'

Eligible Companies

Businesses who meet all the following requirements
  • Venture Businesses with more than 3 years of business operation
  • Technology Ratings: A and above
  • Equity capital: more than 2 billion won
  • More than KRW 10 billion in sales in the current term
  • Financial Grade BB or higher
  • The term of guarantee period is within 7 years

Preferential Supports

  • Guarantee Coverage: 95%
  • Guarantee fee rate: pagged at 0.5% per annum
  • Recommendation for the Guarantee-Linked Investment and other investments from private venture capitals.
  • Recommendation for Inno-Biz certification
  • IPO Support: provision of professional and in-depth consulting for IPO strategies free of charge
  • Support for PR activities