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Credit Guarantee
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Programs for Pre-seed and Early-Stage Companies

Program Overview

  • The guarantee amount is determined at the stage of pre-startup via assessment of startup projects. Upon completion of business registration, the guarantee support is extended.

Eligible Companies

  • Ordinary Startup: Would-be business founders who plan to commercialize excellent technologies or business ideas.
  • Expert Startup: Startups to be founded by experts including professors, researchers, technical masters and master mechanics etc.


  • 01.Technology Appraisal

    • Determination of guarantee amount based on the assessment of commercial viability of the startup projects
    • Notification of determined guarantee amount
  • 02.Mentoring

    • Provision of startup mentoring programs including necessary information for a successful business starting
  • 03.Business Founding

    • Business registration and getting the business started
  • 04.Guarantee Review

    • On-site visit to business premises
    • Verify the business is running as planned
    • Conduct technology appraisal using KTRS and assign Technology Ratings(AAA~D)
  • 05.Provision of Guarantee

    • Issuance of letter of guarantee
    • Disbursement of guaranteed loan

Eligible Credit Facilities

  • Working capital loans for the startup funding
  • Fixed asset loans for paying security deposit of business premise

Guarantee Limit by technology ratings

Guarantee Limit by technology ratings
  CCC B, BB BBB A and Higher
Ordinary startup 0.1 billion won 0.3 billion won 0.5 billion won
Expert startup 0.1 billion won 0.3 billion won 0.7 billion won 1 billion won

Preferential Supports

  • Guarantee coverage ratio: 100%
  • Guarantee fee deduction: 0.7%p deduction