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Credit Guarantee
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Guarantee limit per a company

Guarantee limit per a company

KOTEC's maximum guarantee ceiling per a company is 3 billion won.

Exceptional Cases

  • Up to 5 billion won
    • Guarantees to Industrial Technology Research Cooperatives
    • Guarantees extended on the basis of the monetary value of a certain technology determined by the Technology valuation of KOTEC
    • Guarantees for corporate loans intended for the purchase of raw materials
    • Guarantees for Technology-Intensive SMEs designated by KOTEC
  • Up to 7 billion won
    • Guarantees for trade loans & SME's export loans extended by the Export-Import Bank of Korea
    • Guarantees for opening of L/C account to import raw materials for goods to be exported
    • Guarantees for E-commerce and contract performance provided to the Technology-Intensive SMEs
    • Guarantees for loans secured by export bill of exchange and guarantees for negotiation of the export bill
    • Guarantees for companies with excellent technologies and companies in green growth industries among KOTEC's key support areas
  • Up to 10 billion won
    • Guarantees for fixed asset loans with a few conditions attached including the immediate termination of guarantee contract after banks' collateralization of the fixed assets

Guarantee Limit by technology ratings

  • The guarantee limit per a company specified above, however, shall not exceed the guarantee limits by technology ratings illustrated in the table below.
Guarantee Limit by technology ratings
Technology Ratings Guarantee Limit
AAA,AA 7 billion Won
A 6 billion Won
BBB 5 billion Won
BB 4 billion Won
B 3 billion Won
CCC,CC,C 1 billion Won
D Not Eligible