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Certification of Inno-Biz


The term 'Inno-Biz' was coined by combining the words innovation and business. Inno-Biz refers to tech SMEs equipped with competitive edge based on their innovation capabilities.

Eligible Companies and Requirements

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 내용(표)을 보실 수 있습니다.

보증 업무 흐름 안내

All SMEs with more than 3 years of business operation without regard to their industries

Selection Process

Evaluators from KOTEC make on-site audit those applicant SMEs whose score of self-assessment is higher than 650.

Certification Criteria

Score of 'Technology Innovation System' should be 700 or higher

Final rating of KOTEC's Technology Rating System should be B or higher

Inno-Biz Certification Process

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 내용(표)을 보실 수 있습니다.

보증 업무 흐름 안내
Steps By whom Remarks
Application & On-line Self Assessment

Applicant SMEs

Companies with On-line Self Assessment score of 650 or higher apply for the certification at the Inno-Biz website(www.innobiz.net)

On-site Audit and Notification of Assessment Results


After completing on-site audits to applicant SMEs' premises, KOTEC conducts technology assessment using the Technology Innovation System, the Innio-Biz evaluation model, and its own evaluation methods

KOTEC notifies results of its technology assessments to the Ministry of SMEs & Startups(MSS)

Awarding of Inno-Biz Certification Ministry of SMEs &

Applicants with Technology Innovation System score of 700 or higher and KOTEC's technology rating system rating B or higher are awarded with the Inno-Biz certification by the MSS