Korea Technology Finance Corporation

Equity Investment

Guarantee-linked investment


KOTEC has been operating its guarantee-linked investment program since January 2005 in order to help startups and technology-based SMEs to better access direct financing and to improve their financial structure.

The program, through which KOTEC makes direct investment in association with guarantee provisions, was stipulated as a formal service of KOTEC in March 2012.

Investment Products

The investment is done in the form of the acquisition of stocks, convertible bonds (CB), and bonds with warranties (BW).

Companies Eligible for the Investment

SMEs meeting all the following conditions are eligible for investment.

Startups with less than five years of business operation
* Companies supporting new/future growth engines and/or dedicated to R&D projects worthy of policy support may be exempt from this requirement.

Firms that are already under a guarantee contract (or whose guarantee application is authorized)

Excellent technology firms with technology appraisal ratings of BB or higher.

Venture Businesses or Inno-Biz

Investment Limit Per a Company

An investment in an individual firm shall be capped at KRW 3 billion, and the integrated limit (guarantee + investment) at KRW 10 billion

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 내용(표)을 보실 수 있습니다.

보증 업무 흐름 안내
Categity BB or higher BBB or higher
Investment Limit on Individual Company KRW 1 billion KRW 3 billion
Integrated Limit on Individual Company
(Guarantee + Investment)
KRW 5 billion KRW 10 billion
Investment Limit on the Affiliates KRW 3 billion KRW 3 billion