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Technology Appraisal Organization & Manpower

Organization View

To meet the growing demands for technology appraisal service and to enhance the work efficiency, KOTEC has constructed a specialized technology financing business network across the nation comprising of 1 Central Technology Appraisal institute, 8 Technology Innovation Centers, 59 Technology Appraisal Centers as of the end of 2017.

KOTEC - Technology Appraisal Department - 1. Central Technology Appraisal Institute (1) / 2. Technology Appraisal Center (54) / 3. Technology Convergence Center (6)
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Organization Focus Responsibilities
Central Technology Appraisal Institute Highly sophisticated appraisals

Highly sophisticated technology appraisal (technology appraisal for investment in-kind, etc.)

Technology appraisal marketing in the government and relevant institutions

Verification of technology appraisal reports and support for technology appraisal, etc.

Technology Innovation Center Support for technology transfer and commercialization

Specialized technology appraisal regarding technology transfer and M&A (including accompanied guarantees)

Identification of technology transfer demands, technology transfer mediation, and marketing functions

Technology information collection and processing, networking with relevant institutions

Technology Appraisal Center Standardized technology appraisals

Standardized KTRS-based technology appraisals primarily for the credit guarantee support.(including the ones for IP guarantee, R&D guarantee, etc.)

Technology appraisal for Venture / Inno-Biz certification, etc.

Technology project viability assessment (e.g., feasibility test on R&D projects submitted by tech SMEs for government grants)

Technology Appraisal Manpower View

KOTEC is staffed with a special workforce equipped with technology appraisal capability. This is what sets KOTEC apart from other financial institutions. More than half of its staff members are undertaking the technology appraisal tasks. 215 of them are ph.D. holders in science and engineering fields, which enables KOTEC to deal with various disruptive technologies with sector-specific knowledge and experiences. A pool of external advisors, made up of 1,074 experts, also take part in some appraisal cases where their expertise is deemed required.

In-house Experts

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Headcount 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Total Employees 1,066 1,085 1,102 1,126 1,156 1,211 1,304
Technology appraisal experts 532 578 552 592 581 605 662
Ph.D holders
(or equivalent)
134 147 154 168 190 215 239

External Advisors

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Machinery Telecom Electronics & Electricity Materials & metals Chemical Textile Biology
172 128 133 88 82 13 97
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Environment Financial Accounting Patent law Culture & contents Others   Total
36 155 51 52 67   1,074