Korea Technology Finance Corporation

Major Footprints

Major Footprints


Dec. 2001

Outstanding credit guarantee reached 15 trillion Won

Aug. 2002

'The Financial Assistance to New Technology Business Act' was abolished and 'The Kibo Technology Fund Act' was newly legislated

Apr. 2004

Outstanding credit guarantee balance exceeded 10 trillion Won

Apr. 2005

Moved its head office to Busan in accordance with the national policy of decentralization of public sector institutions

Jul. 2005

KOTEC's proprietary KTRS (Kibo Technology Rating System) was launched

Jan. 2007

Unified all guarantee provision practice to be based on KTRS

Apr. 2007

KTRS was Patented

Jan. 2008

Converted all branches to be Technology Appraisal Centers

Adopted "KTRS-Startup" model for startup companies

Dec. 2008

Developed R&D Appraisal model and established Special Guarantee scheme for R&D projects

Jan. 2009

Ranked as an excellent institution by government's assessment on public sector institutions
(Three consecutive years)

Changed its English CI into 'Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC)'
(Previously 'Kibo Technology Fund')

Sep. 2009

Implemented Culture Industry Completion Guarantee scheme to support creative culture & contents business ventures