Korea Technology Finance Corporation

Major Footprints

Major Footprints


May 2011

Moved into a newly-built head-office building located at Munhyeon International Finance Complex in Busan

Dec. 2011

Exceeded cumulative total guarantee supply of 200 trillion Won

Jun. 2012

Amended "the Korea Technology Finance Corporation Act" to make equity investment for early-stage ventures to be a legitimate business of KOTEC

Nov. 2013

Held the 26th ACSIC Conference in Busan

Jan. 2014

Designated as the only public institution for the 'Technology Bureau'

Jul. 2015

Developed 'KOTEC Technology Matching System(KTMS)'

Sep. 2016

Renamed as Korea Technology Finance Corporation by amendment of the Act

Dec. 2016

Total of KRW 300 trillion in guarantee provided, KRW 21.2 trillion in Guarantee outstanding and 71,000 firms in guarantee recipients

Nov. 2017

Held an international symposium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Technology Appraisal Service

Dec. 2018

Total of KRW 345 trillion in guarantee provided, KRW 22.4 trillion in guarantee outstanding and 78,000 firms in guarantee recipients

Jan. 2019

Launched Tech Safe, a portal system for providing comprehensive technology protection support

Apr. 2019

Held ceremony for 30th anniversary