Korea Technology Finance Corporation


Major Services

The major services are comprised of core ones and supplementary ones. Detailed description of them is as follows.

- Core Services

Credit Guarantee

Provides credit guarantee service to technologically viable but collateral-constrained SMEs so as to boost their access to credit when they try to obtain funding for technological innovation or business operation.

Technology Appraisal

Appraises future values of the technologies that tech SMEs retain by analyzing technological competency, marketability and commercial viability, and uses the appraisal results for various purposes in technology financing support

Equity Investment

Provides direct equity investment for prominent early-stage technology firms with distinguished commercial viability via the purchase of common stocks, preferred stocks, CBs or BWs

Technology Transfer

Matchmakes the transfer of IP rights from universities and research institutes to client SMEs seeking to commercialize them in order to facilitate the transformation of the results of R&D into marketable products and services

Management of Right to Indemnity

Exercises the right to indemnity against defaulted borrowers by pursuing legal procedures(lawsuits, auctions, and etc) or encouraging borrowers' voluntary reimbursement in order to maximize collection of claims

- Supplementary Services

Consulting Service

Provides technology and management consulting program for the entire cycle of a business and provides a business diagnosis for management improvement and failure prevention

Certification Service

Conducts assessments on whether applicants meet requirement criteria in relation to various certification programs initiated by the government such as Venture Businesses and INNO-Biz.