Korea Technology Finance Corporation


Mission & Vision


To create a new growth engine for the Korean Economy by invigorating technology finance


Partner for challege-embracing tech SMEs, and Global leader in technology finance

Core Values (T.E.C.H.)

T : Technology

E : Evolution

C : Creativity

H : Harmony

Strategic Goals & Tasks

○ Diversification of SME Support

To expand areas of technology financing

To lead demand-driven technology transactions and invigorate M&As

To improve technology & management consulting services

To lay the groundwork for technology venture funds

○ Center of Creative Financing

To expand customized financing supports

To improve support for technology startups and job creation

To lead support for R&D activities of tech SMEs.

To create a customer-oriented financing environment

○ Credibility of Technology Appraisal

To enhance the technology appraisal infrastructure

To reinforce the credibility of the technology appraisal system

To create and promote demand for technology appraisal systems

To globalize technology appraisal systems and businesses

○ Sustainable Growth with Management Stability

To secure long-term financial stability

To fulfill social responsibilities to clients and the society in general

To raise organizational dynamics and efficiency

To improve efficiency and stability of the IT system