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Procedure of Technology Appraisal
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Technology is thought to be the most important asset of a business concern which determines the future of the company. However, until recently, it has hardly been accepted as collateral in financial institutions, as it is hard to quantify the monetary value of such intangible assets and is not easily traded like commodities. Moreover, there were no reliable and specialized institutions in charge of appraising technology.

In this situation, KOTEC initiated the technology appraisal service by launching Technology Appraisal Center(TAC) in 1997 in order to introduce credit guarantee facilities which are provided based on the technological capabilities of business enterprises. In an attempt to expand its technology appraisal power, KOTEC also reorganized its infrastructure of the technology appraisal manpower. The Technology Appraisal Bureau was launched to carry out its mission independently in 2004. In connection with the effort to enhance the technology appraisal capability and respond to growing demand, more than 771 technology appraisal experts, including 190 Ph.D. holders and equivalents, are currently working at KOTEC’s TACs and Technology Appraisal Institutes, with more than 1,000 experts of various fields across the nation, commissioned as outside advisors. By doing so, KOTEC opened a new frontier of technology financing in the Korean financial markets.

KOTEC's technology appraisal plays an important role for the public benefit by helping the government select right beneficiaries. It insures the efficient distribution of the limited financial resources, and thus enhance the quality and efficiency of government policies and financial system for supporting promising SMEs and venture enterprises.